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The Many Types of Miracles

Miracles should happen naturally. The Holy Spirit will direct one to what sorts of miracles one should perform. One should not stress or worry about miracles. They will happen as God wills. There are many different sorts of miracles. Here are some of them. Some of these, one might argue are not miracles. Others might reason that they are.

  • Raising the dead
  • Truly healing the sick in a mysterious way
  • Creating a miraculously beautiful piece of art
  • Inventing something that improves the lives of humans tremendously
So is science a sort of miracle? Is art a miracle? Is life a miracle? Are good works miracles? Perhaps everyone should decide this for themselves. Perhaps if science could raise the dead, then this would still be considered a miracle. A Course In Miracles might allow one to qualify these acts as miracles. Joy is everyone’s natural inheritance.

Miracles can be beautiful and God knows how they should be used best. Miracles can be every day occurrences or extra-ordinary. It is possible that everyone can perform miracles. The atonement is complete. It is all done. There is nothing to teach and there is nothing to learn. There is nothing to teach, so there can be no one to teach it or learn it. All that one can do is remember the truth. Hopefully some human will figure out how to raise the dead so that they are truly resurrected.

God is all powerful, so God could trick himself into making what is false true. However, God can also shine his light to show truth to anyone and everyone at any time. The nature of omnipotence is miraculous in itself, perhaps. Miracles are quite good. Hopefully more humans will perform miracles. Hopefully all humans will experience perfect happiness and limitless power and peace sooner rather than later.

So there are many types of miracles. There are many types of humans. So perhaps different humans are meant to each perform their own unique sorts of miracles. One should perhaps as God or The Holy Spirit what sorts of miracles that they should perform. ACIM can lead to peace, so perform miracles as God would have everyone do.