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The Earth Is in Heaven?

According to A Course In Miracles (ACIM), The Earth is in Heaven. ACIM is a good book. More individuals should read ACIM. A Course In Miracles can help to increase the amount of peace in one’s own life. It is perhaps a miracle that this wonderful book exists.

Millions of humans on Earth know about ACIM. However, probably not many individuals on Earth believe that The Earth is already in Heaven.

Bad things happen on Earth, so how can Heaven be here on Earth? God is all powerful. Humans have the power to create like God. Humans can create illusions, it seems. Humans have that power.

If The Earth is in Heaven, then perhaps Heaven is sort of like Disneyland. Perhaps some parts of Earth (the scary parts) are sort of like the scary rides on Disneyland. Once someone leaves the scary ride (the scary parts of Earth), the rest of the Earth (the nice parts, can be fairly nice).

A Course In Miracles indicates that death is an illusion. ACIM indicates that Jesus, through his resurrection that dying does not matter and that it is an illusions, since it can be overcome.

ACIM indicates that all humans have the potential to reach the level of spiritual advancement that Jesus did. So, it seems that according to ACIM, all humans have the potential to resurrect their own self from death.

However, despite indicating that death is an illusion, there seems to be no recent examples of individuals literally being resurrected from the dead in the  recent past. That seems unfortunate. It might be nice if death can easily be seen as being an illusion as ACIM indicates it is. Hopefully sooner rather than later, it will be easy to see and perhaps even nearly undeniable that Heaven is already on Earth.

It seems that perfect happiness and limitless peace not ubiquitous in Heaven. However, perhaps humans, if they are in Heaven, also have the power to perceive illusions in Heaven. Being in Heaven might be quite nice. According to A Course In Miracles, should anyone promote the idea that Earth is in Heaven?