Welcome to ACIM.fun/ACIM Heaven a site dedicated to exploring ideas from the book A Course In Miracles (ACIM). The purpose of ACIM.fun is to offer a site to help make ACIM accessible to all, and to help foster community united in the pursuit of limitless peace, inner and outer peace, serenity, blessings, Heaven, and understanding. A Course In Miracles Heaven is an attempt to provide all humans with a universal experience of perfect happiness.

According to ACIM, Heaven is here, Heaven is now; Heaven is not a distant reality, but an ever-present, attainable state that only illusions may seem to obscure. ACIM Heaven embraces the idea that Heaven is here and now, while also deeply embracing Lesson 101 of ACIM, that God’s will for all humans is ultimately perfect happiness.

This site, ACIM.fun explores the ideas of A Course In Miracles, sharing insights and interpretations from diverse viewpoints. We respect and celebrate the unique perspectives of each human, understanding that the journey is a personal one, enriched by the collective wisdom of community and shared Miracle Mindedness.

Here, Spirit is acknowledged as being in a state of grace forever. By focusing on the Creations of Light and embracing their reality, this site attempts to foster alignment with our highest truths and values. Only the Creations of Light are real.

ACIM Heaven is a site to help promote learning and understanding, and a site to connect and foster community. Whether you are new to ACIM or have been studying it for years, this site is here to support you on your journey. Join us in this exploration of spiritual awakening and discover the joy and peace that comes from living in harmony with the teachings of A Course In Miracles.