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What Is God’s Will?

Do you wonder what God’s will for you is? A Course In Miracles will have much to say about what God’s will for you is. The answer is actually rather fairly simple. God’s will for your is that you experience joy and happiness. God’s will for you is that you have abundance. His will for your is perfect happiness. According to ACIM you actually want too little.

God’s will for your is happiness, joy, peace and contentment. A Course In Miracles would agree with this. Therefore, you should do what will bring you perfect happiness, so long as you are not breaking the law. You should perform miracles if The Holy Spirit would have you do that. ACIM states that the divine will direct you specifically.

So, then, perhaps read ACIM and give it an honest chance. It preaches salvation for everyone in a way that can make sense. This book announces the holiness of everyone and everything. It reinterprets sin as error. So humans, make errors rather than sin. Errors can be corrected and atoned for. Atonement without sacrifice is preached, as is salvation without compromise. It is good to follow one’s hearth. God’s will is that all humans experience perfect happiness and that they follow their heart, The Holy Spirit and/or inner guidance.

According to A Course In Miracles, God’s will for you is perfect happiness. God would have you experience unimaginable amounts of happiness, joy, bliss and excitement. God would have all humans realize their limitless power and peace. God would have all humans live in peace. God wants all humans to be perfectly happy. God wants The Universe to be free of disease and death.

God knows everything! There is nothing that God does not know. God is all good. God would not condemn anyone to suffer for eternity. God might perhaps simply destroy a being that will never act in ways that are good. However, it seems illogical to think that God who is all good would condemn anyone or anything to suffer forever. One can ask The Holy Spirit to find out what God’s will is.