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Does ACIM Indicate If Anyone Will Go to Hell?

ACIM may have some to say about this question. Will any one go to Hell? ACIM, it seems would indicate that no one will go to Hell. That is, that no one will burn in misery for eternity, or at least that no one has to suffer pain for eternity as punishment.

ACIM would seem to indicate that no one has to go to Hell. ACIM says that humans are in Heaven. However, in Heaven, can humans can perhaps create a state that feels or looks like something else.

ACIM is perhaps a form of Trinitarian Universalism.

Everyone is going to Heaven. At least, perhaps no one is going to Hell. It seems God would destroy one of his creations before sending that creation to Hell.

It seems that either God is not all good, and might send one of his creations to Hell, or is not all powerful, and cannot help but to send some of his creations to Hell.

It seems most logical that perhaps all beings will go to Heaven eventually, even if it takes a trillion trillion trillion years to reach Heaven. Alternatively, perhaps God simply destroys his creations which are not fit for Heaven. This is perhaps along the lines of what Seventh Day Adventists believe.

God is all powerful, all knowing, and all good. ACIM agrees with this it seems.

Christians should stop condemning others. Perhaps God would punish traditional Christians for condemning others. But why? Perhaps God will simply with hold greater joy from these traditional Christians until they do stop condemning others. It seems God would not just destroy traditional Christians, nor would he torture them eternally in Hell. They just may have a longer road to Heaven than those who are less condemning of others.

So, ACIM seems to indicate that none of the beings that God has created will go to Hell. For the the beings that God creates that would not bring joy to other beings, God will perhaps destroy or send away, but perhaps not even permanently. God is all good, and he wills perfect joy, elation, and happiness for all humans and all beings.