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Where Is Heaven According to A Course In Miracles?

Is Heaven on Earth? Is Earth in Heaven? One might say that Earth is not currently in Heaven and Heaven in not currently on Earth. A Course In Miracles implies that The Earth is in Heaven now, it seems. It seems to imply if that at all one sees something not of Heaven on Earth, then that something is an illusion, and it is false. However, what ACIM says about what one should do with that illusion is perhaps open to multiple interpretations.

In one sense, ACIM might say that one should simply deny the illusion, using the constructive use of denial. In another way, ACIM might imply that one should simply do nothing at all about the illusion, and just know that it is an illusion. Additionally, ACIM might imply that one should ask The Holy Spirit what should be done about the illusion. The Holy Spirit might tell one to attempt to remedy the illusion utilizing Earthly means.

So Heaven might be everywhere. Even where illusions are, Heaven might be the container which holds the illusion, which can only be used to obscure the view of Heaven, even though, that illusion, and all the apparently involved parties are both in Heaven and still in the illusion, which does not exist, because it is an illusion. Perhaps when humans die on Earth they simply go to another part of Heaven, like if one where to fly to another continent on a plane, or to the moon on a spaceship. They may be a distance away, but still in Heaven, and/or The Universe.

Therefore, death is an illusion. Death means nothing since those who have appeared to die, and those who have not yet appeared to die will eventually be back together. And time, which seems to create chronological gaps, really, should not and does not exist. For if one lives through five years, or 100 years, in the present, looking back, do not those gaps of time both not exist? Past time is only moments of the present strung together in memories.

So all humans should be joyous. And if the illusion of lack of joy and elation seems to linger, one should remember that one needs not worry about what to say or what to do, so perhaps The Holy Spirit would have one linger in that, as perhaps a sort of practical joke. So Heaven is now. The Earth is in Heaven. True Heaven shows itself truly on some parts of the Earth. Heaven is on parts of Earth, and the other parts simply have a fog which waits for bringers of light and heat to evaporate the foggy illusion into the real Heaven that is.