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There Are Perhaps Many Ways to Dispel Illusions

There are various illusions that appear to exist on Earth. A Course In Miracles (ACIM) seems to indicate that there are perhaps multiple ways to dispel them. One way may be to deny the effects of the illusion, and/or to deny the illusion, and then it will disappear. Another way seems to be to try and dispel the illusion at the level of the illusion. According to ACIM, another way may be to simply do nothing and to let God and The Holy Spirit do the work.

Various illusions like war, crime, violence, theft, accidents, errors and so forth may seem to exist. Illusions need not be perceived, it seems. It seems that there are many ways to potentially dispel illusions. Hopefully all undesirable illusions will dissipate from all physical realms and from Earth.

Illusions should be eliminated from Earth. There are undoubtedly illusions on Earth that have yet to be dispelled. Poverty, hunger, war, famine and so forth are all illusions according to A Course In Miracles (ACIM), it seems. They are not creations of light. ACIM indicates that only creation of light are real. That is explicitly indicated in Miracle Principle 24 (in the first section of the first chapter of the text), in the public domain version of ACIM, and other versions, as well. More humans should work to eliminate such aforementioned illusions.

Illusions are not real. They do not exist. A Course In Miracles indicates that everything that is not a creation of light is an illusion. All of that is not real. Perhaps divine and spiritual methods can be used to dispel illusions. Perhaps also, Earthly and physical methods can be used to dispel illusions. Perhaps it is an error to separate the physical from the spiritual. Perhaps all physical things are also spiritual things.

In reality, illusions do not exist, it seems. In Heaven, it seems that suffering should not exist, by definition. God has given humans the power to create illusions that seem extremely real. Using power in this way is not the will of God, it seems. God wants all humans to be perfectly happy and to experience limitless peace. There are perhaps many ways to dispel undesired illusions.