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God is great! Miracles are worthwhile. Heal the sick and raise the dead! God’s will for all humans is perfect happiness.

What Miracles do you want to see happen? What Miracles are urgent?

Blessings to all decent humans! Limitless Peace! Serenity! God, please Bless this Universe!

What Is Unified Perception?

Unified Perception refers to the state of mind where the perceived duality between the self and others dissolves, revealing the oneness of all existence. In the realm of illusions, the ego sees separation, conflict, and individuality. However, through the process of forgiveness and the relinquishment of judgment, a transition occurs from fragmented perception to unified…

ACIM and Experiencing Joy and Happiness

What is the difference between experiencing happiness and experiencing joy, with keeping in mind ideas from A Course In Miracles? A Course in Miracles (ACIM) is a spiritual text that presents a system of thought focused on forgiveness and the healing of relationships as the path to inner peace and the remembrance of the unconditional…

Understanding Miracles and Magic in A Course in Miracles

In “A Course in Miracles,” both miracles and magic are discussed extensively, but they hold different meanings and implications for the spiritual journey. At its core, ACIM defines a miracle as a shift in perception from fear to love. It’s a change in how one views the world and oneself. Miracles are seen as natural…