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How Does A Course In Miracles Direct One to Live Life?

A Course In Miracles does not give many prescriptions about how one should live their life. There are no ten commandments in A Course In Miracles. Perhaps if the New Testament supersedes all the laws of the Old Testament, then A Course In Miracles supersedes all the laws and commands of the New Testament.

In a certain way, A Course In Miracles allows one to do whatever one wants. However, it does implicitly direct one to not do things that increases fear and/or misery for oneself and/or others. This would seem to prohibit, violence and unethical behavior, because quite often, violence and unethical behavior can lead to consequences contrary to the joy and peace that ACIM directs one experience.

So, ACIM directs one to be kind to oneself and others. It does not particular threaten someone with punishment if they are not, although, it does seem to indicate that results of not treating oneself and others with kindness is generally going to naturally be unpleasant for oneself, which would also seem to conform with logic. So one should be kind to oneself and others and behaviorally do and strive for what will bring them and others the most joy and happiness possible.

The book does state the one does really not have to do anything, so in theory, according to ACIM one could really just do nothing and still experience the bliss and joy that is promised. However, it also states that one should follow the guidance of The Holy Spirit. So perhaps The Holy Spirit would direct one to do nothing, or perhaps The Holy Spirit would direct one to do something.

It is probably safe to say that The HS would not direct someone to do something illegal, because practically speaking, there is often a fairly good chance that illegal activities could result in negative unpleasant consequences in the long term, and naturally negative unpleasant consequences of doing illegal acts are contrary to the will of God. So to conclude, A Course In Miracles seems to direct everyone to bring joy to ourselves and others and live our lives in such a way that this happens.