Seacoast in the snow, under heaven with clouds

We Deserve Miracles

A Course In Miracles (ACIM) is an interesting book. We deserve miracles and perfect happiness. ACIM states that we are in Heaven now. Are not all humans sons and daughters of God? ACIM indicates that Jesus was simply the first human to reach the level of divinity that he did. Perhaps all humans can reach this level of divinity.

Miracles are indeed quite wonderful. We are in Heaven now. So, why is Heaven this way? Why can we see war and suffering in Heaven? Is it not easy to deny that we are in Heaven? When will we see Heaven as it should be? When will we see Heaven as it is? When will we see illusions dispelled? Heaven can indeed be quite wonderful.

In Heaven, there will be authentic and sustainable peace on Earth. God is good. Trust God. God is all powerful and all knowing. God can be an energy. God can be a principle. God can be a human. God can a rock. God can be a spiritual entity. Since God is all powerful, God can be whatever God wants to be at any time and all at once. God can easily help all humans to see and experience authentic and sustainable peace all over Earth.

Again, trust and believe in God. It seems if God is all good then he will not condemn anyone to suffer for eternity. If God is all powerful then it seems he will not allow for any real sort of Hell to exist. God has the power to transform each present place and moment into Heaven. Faith in God can be a wonderful thing.

We need do nothing. God knows all. God controls all. God has our backs. Help to establish Heaven on Earth and in this Universe. All decent humans deserve to experience the joys and peace of Heaven. The Holy Spirit is trustworthy.

It will be good once the authentic and sustainable peace of Heaven is established on Earth and in this Universe. Again, in one sense, we need do nothing. However, there is no requirement to do nothing. You may also do something. It is up to you. Follow your heart; follow your inner teacher. Follow God. We do indeed deserve miracles, and A Course In Miracles, whether literally or metaphorically true can help us to experience miracles and peace.