I'm In Heaven...

Experiencing Perfect Happiness Is Normal in Heaven

Experiencing perfect happiness is normal to do in Heaven. That is perhaps common sense, in Heaven. Heaven is perfect. God’s will for all humans is perfect happiness. According to A Course In Miracles (ACIM), Heaven is already here. Heaven is now. This is indicated in Section 24 of section of the book for teachers. Therefore, it is good to experience perfect happiness, right now. Insanity is not real. It never was. Insanity is a lie.

Only peace is true. Only peace is real. Illusions can seem to exist. However, all humans are endowed with limitless power and peace, ACIM seems to indicate. This is indicated in Lesson 95. In Heaven there is no need for teachers for all humans will know that there is nothing to learn. There are many wonderful lessons in A Course In Miracles.

A Course In Miracles is a wonderful book. Hopefully more individuals will read it. Hopefully all humans on Earth will experience perfect happiness and perfect peace, and also have the knowledge and understanding that Heaven is here, and that Heaven is now. Heaven can be experienced right now! The Holy Spirit guides all humans towards the realization that Heaven is right now, in ways that are gentle and patient.

God is good. God is great! There does not have to be a limit to time in Heaven, it seems. Of course, with limitless power, one can certainly limit time, but one does not have to. It is possible to experience exciting adventures of trillions of years, if one wants to, perhaps. It seems that there is no limit to the amount of joy, peace, elation, excitement, peace and tranquility that can be experienced in Heaven. That seems to be quite wonderful and good.

Happy dreams can be quite wonderful. Hopefully all humans will experience happy dreams and dreams of peace. ACIM can perhaps help humans all over Earth to experience more peace, happiness, tranquility, elation and calm. That seems to be quite good. Experiencing perfect happiness is normal to do, in Heaven, and that seems to be quite wonderful and good.