Young woman playing on a singing bowl.Tibetian healing sounds for yoga and meditation.

A Course In Miracles Can Be Used for Spiritual Healing

A Course In Miracles (ACIM) can be used as a way to manifest spiritual healing. A Course In Miracles can demonstrate that in fact, spirit needs no healing at all, since spirit is perfect and forever in a state of grace. ACIM indicates that humans are in Heaven and already perfectly healed and that everything is perfect. Anything that seems to not be healed is an illusion.

Spiritual healing is a wonderful gift from God that has always been present and never was absent. ACIM pronounces many beautiful truths. Miracles are everyone’s right, and everyone can perform miracles. Miracles are spiritual healing. There are an unlimited amount of miracles that can exist and that can be manifested.

Spiritual healing is desirable. Reading A Course In Miracles can bring such healing and demonstrate that it never was needed. Reading ACIM can be a wonderful experience. ACIM teaches that the body is just an idea and that it is not real, but only spirit is real. Bodies can be seen properly through spiritual sight, however.

All humans deserve and will obtain spiritual healing. There is nothing that God cannot do. God is all powerful. The Holy Spirit would and will heal all. Spiritual healing can feeling elating, blissful, peaceful and calming. It is quite a desirable experience and effect. Spiritual healing is the product of purification and peace with God. ACIM indicates that there is nothing that one must do to obtain spiritual healing, and that if one recognizes that there is nothing that one must do to receive spiritual healing, then one will be much closer to being spiritually healed. More humans should read A Course In Miracles.

ACIM does not state that there is only one path. It does not say that a universal theology is required. It does however state that a universal experience is required and needed. This universal experience is one of peace, health, elation, enjoyment, contentment and peace. All will be come these things at some point, and perhaps they already are this way, and God simply waits for all of his creations to realize it and manifest it. A Course In Miracles can be helpful in the journey towards spiritual healing.