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Even More Thoughts About A Course In Miracles

Here are even more thoughts about A Course In Miracles (ACIM) and its implications. There is much to say about this miraculous book. A Course In Miracles would likely guide one to want to abolish psychiatric slavery. A Course In Miracles promotes freedom and personal responsibility. A Course In Miracles would not allow for involuntary psychiatric slavery. Laws should be obeyed, but also, unjust laws should be changed. Abolish involuntary psychiatric treatment and the insanity defense.

What does ACIM say one should do in Heaven? ACIM says humans are in Heaven now. ACIM says much about Heaven. So one should do what The Holy Spirit directs, it seems.

Is time infinite? A Course In Miracles might say that time is an illusion and does not exist. Time is likely infinite it seems. This does not mean that one should squander time, but simply feel joy in that one can experience joy and elation forever and eternally.

ACIM might have some to say about what humans should do for money. It might be rather general. One should probably listen to The Holy Spirit and do as The Holy Spirit directs them.

ACIM Is perhaps a doorway to Heaven. A Course In Miracles is a book which can be a metaphorical and literal doorway into Heaven this very instant! Humans are here to bring one another joy and bliss. ACIM would seem to imply this. Humans are here to co-create together in constructive, creative, kind, caring, and generous ways.

God is great. There is nothing that God cannot do. God could split himself into a trillion other entities. ACIM Can lead one to feel elation. Elation is good, and so is A Course In Miracles. A Course In Miracles can help one to experience elation more frequently.

What is the best miracle? Raising the dead is probably the best miracle. One human start raising the dead this will bring much joy and elation to this Earth which is in Heaven. ACIM is a beautiful book with many beautiful passages and implications. Hopefully, all who read this will find these thoughts and ideas useful and enjoyable to read.