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How Can A Course In Miracles Be Authenticated?

ACIM might be truth. How should one determine what is truth? Should one believe in the Bible? The Bible was written by men. The Bible is supposedly written by men and inspired by The Holy Spirit. Some say that The Bible is the inspired word of God. So did God speak through the men? Did God possess the men? It seems not. Who decided and agreed that The Bible was inspired by God? It seems like it was other men. So men have agreed and authenticated the The Bible, which was written by men, as being inspired by God. Can this authentication be verified and/or trusted? Perhaps one should test what it is in to see if it holds true.

A women supposedly scribed A Course In Miracls. She reportedly had an inner voice that she heard which identified itself as Jesus that would give her the words to write down that eventually became A Course In Miracles. ACIM was reportedly edited as The Holy Spirit directed. How can it be verified that A Course In Miracles was really scribed for Jesus and edited at the direction of The Holy Spirit?

Who has authenticated A Course In Miracles as being scribed for Jesus? The author stated it was. Should this claim be trusted? Perhaps one should test it for their-self. There might be multiple ways that a claim like this can be tested. Spiritual truths can perhaps be tested.

How would one test to see if A Course In Miracles is true for their-self? A Course In Miracles has certain prescriptions. It says if you think of this, then you should do this. Or it says if you feel this way, you should do this. It answers the question of how you should spend you time. Perhaps to test if A Course In Miracles is real or not, one should follow what it says for a time, and then see if miracles happen in their life. Perhaps to test ACIM, one should follow its prescriptions for a time and see if they add joy, peace, and wondrous bliss to one’s life.

One should think for their-self. One should not follow blindly and not question what is asserted. This seems like it might be the best way for one to authenticate or debunk A Course In Miracles.