Martial Arts and A Course In Miracles

Some martial artists study A Course In Miracles. What might the implications of that be? A Course In Miracles (ACIM) is a spiritual book. The book is sort of actually several books combined. There is a Text. There is a Workbook. There is a Manual For Teachers. There are also a few supplements included too in some editions of ACIM.

There are many martial arts that exist. Aikido, to some, can be a spiritual martial art. The founder of Aikido, Morihei Ueshiba, wrote the book The Art of Peace. In the unabridged version of The Art of Peace, there is an idea about needing a new Budo devoid of hatred and greed to help Establish Heaven on Earth.

Martial arts has to do with with war and the way of being a warrior, or dealing with war (and perhaps also peace). Sometimes the potential for war can serve as a deterrent to a potential aggressor.

Studying A Course In Miracles and martial arts is perhaps a paradox and/or contradictory in certain ways. Perhaps martial arts is a path that is helpful to some to navigate certain illusions successfully.

ACIM states that we have never left Heaven. ACIM states that Heaven is here, Heaven is now; there is no other time, and there is no other place. Can martial arts help Earth to become more Heaven like? Can martial arts help to dispel certain illusions. There are many paths to the top of Mount Fuji potentially. There are many roads to Rome.

Martial arts can be health promoting. Taichi is a gentle internal martial art. If illness, sickness, and death are illusions, then perhaps martial arts can help to dispel illusions of illness. Some martial artists have started with health problems, and through physical development and martial arts training, they can become stronger and more full of life. Eating healthy, and not to much nor too little is probably also important in working towards achieving health. There are perhaps many way to dispel illusions.

Judo translates to “The Gentle Way”, which might be true in some metaphorical ways, but literally, Judo can involve many hard throws. The philosophy of Judo is two part. One part is maximum efficiency and minimal effort. The complimentary component of the philosophy is mutual benefit (to benefit self and others). This philosophy can perhaps facilitate one in studying ACIM.

Jay-Z raps about A Course In Miracles in a song with Pusha T. Pusha T features Jay-Z on the song.  Jay-Z quotes ACIM in the song; he raps, “Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God”.  Inner and outer peace is desirable. For some, perhaps martial arts and A Course In Miracles together is a way to achieve both inner and outer peace.