A Course In Miracles Is an Interesting Book

A Course In Miracles (ACIM) is an interesting book. It was scribed in the 1970’s. Helen Schucman scribed it for Jesus Christ, reportedly. It is beautifully written, and quite long.

It can be enjoyable an interesting to read. There is beautiful language in the book. It states that God’s will is for everyone to have perfect happiness, and that all humans are already in Heaven now. Reading ACIM can bring one joy and elation, perhaps. This is a good thing. Hopefully more humans will experience more joy and elation.

The book indicates that time is an illusion. The book indicates that everything that is not peaceful, beautiful, and wonderful is false. The book talks about how to perform miracles. It states that one should not consciously attempt to perform miracles, and that The Holy Spirit will direct one on how to produce miracles if one is supposed to create miracles. The book indicates that one should not worry about what to say or what to do and that The Holy Spirit will direct proper action. It is perhaps a bit like being on a water slide, metaphorically, at least.

Hopefully, more humans will read A Course In Miracles. It can perhaps bring more peace to this Earth. So if more humans read this wonderful book, then perhaps there would be more peace on this Earth. It is a spiritual text that does not condemn anyone to misery and eternal suffering. There are electronic versions of the book. It can be acquired for under five dollars on the Amazon Kindle store. There are also free public domain versions of A Course In Miracles available online.

There is a workbook which goes along with the text. It may not be necessary to actually go through the workbook, since the text actually says that everyone’s learning is already complete, ultimately. That does not mean that one simply should not go through the workbook. Perhaps one should do the workbook if it seems The Holy Spirit would direct one to go through it.

A Course In Miracles indicates that ultimately, there is nothing that one must actually do, and that recognizing that this is the case is a wonderful thing to do. Heaven is here according to ACIM. Everyone should have supreme elation and joy right now.