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More Ideas Related to A Course In Miracles

Here are some more ideas related to A Course In Miracles.

How to Find Joy

God wants all humans to experience eternal joy. This is a guide about how to experience joy. First, find things that bring you joy. Then, do things that bring you joy. Try something that might bring you joy, then see if it brings you joy. If it brings you joy, then do it again. Do things repeatedly that do or have the potential to bring you joy.

This is not necessarily hard. It is just a matter of being willing to try things that might bring you joy, and then going out and trying them. Everyone deserves joy. Everyone deserves perfect happiness. Don’t break the law in the quest to find joy. Perhaps attempt to change laws or circumvent laws in a legal way if necessary. Read ACIM to obtain joy perhaps. A Course In Miracles can perhaps help one find joy. It is perhaps a manual for how to find joy. Miracles can bring one joy it seems. Perhaps helping others can bring one joy.

Should You Believe in A Course In Miracles?

Some claim that A Course In Miracles was written for Jesus. That is, Jesus directed the author to scribe what she did. If this is true, it may have important implications. If this is true, then the 3 billion Christians on this Earth may have something new they should perhaps consider. Perhaps if A Course In Miracles shows you that it is true, then you should believe in what it says.

God Is All Powerful

God is all powerful! God could make himself powerless. God could clone himself a trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion times. God could allow one human to be in multiple places at once in different forms all in the same room.

There is nothing that God cannot do. God could tell the funniest joke ever to someone, and then tell an even funnier joke. God could place all deceased human on one planet in another universe as a joke, and then make it funny. God’s will is joy for all his creations, and God has the power to make that happen quite easily.

Alway Try to Listen to The Holy Spirit

If one is not sure of something, then The Holy Spirit should be consulted. If one has a question, The Holy Spirit should be consulted. If one has a choice to make, one should do what The Holy Spirit guides them to do. If one listens to The Holy Spirit, then one cannot go wrong. Hopefully, these ideas about A Course In Miracles will be useful to some of the humans on this wonderful Earth.