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A Course In Miracles Is from Outside Time and Space

A Course In Miracles is a wonderful book. It is from outside time and space. One can be in time and space or outside of time and space. There are unlimited possibilities with A Course In Miracles (ACIM). There is nothing that God cannot do since God is all powerful. God wills that all humans have perfect joy and happiness. The Holy Spirit is the same and different than God. The Holy Spirit will never lead anyone astray.

Everyone should listen to The Holy Spirit (The HS). The HS always has everyone’s back. Everyone can trust The HS. The Holy Spirit can perhaps lead everyone buy tugging at one’s heart. The Holy Spirit would have everyone experience joy, happiness, and elation. ACIM says that everyone can reach the same potential as Jesus. It says that Jesus was simply the first human to fully realize their own potential and reality. Everyone should perhaps read ACIM. Individuals should perhaps write songs about ACIM.

So this is a book that is outside of time and space. God has put it on The Earth so that humans can have more paths to elation, joy, Heaven, and prosperity. Heaven is perhaps outside time and space, and this book implies that all humans are actually already in Heaven, and they simply must figure out how to realize it. It says that nothing real can be threatened, and that nothing that is unreal exists at all. That is a nice message.

A Course In Miracles could be for everyone, but it does not have to be for everyone. A Course In Miracles does not threaten anyone with eternal damnation. ACIM is a gentle theology. ACIM could be for everyone, but ACIM also says perhaps that there can be many paths to Heaven. ACIM does not say to tithe. ACIM does not necessarily ban abortion or sex. Teachers of ACIM do not have to be celibate.

Anyone and everyone can be a teacher of ACIM. A Course In Miracles does seem to indicate that we should be gentle and kind to one another and ourselves. It says we should forgive and also try not to do things that make ourselves or another fearful. A Course In Miracles is a beautiful text that can potentially be a lesson for everyone, but it does not have to be.