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Ideas About A Course In Miracles

Here are some more ideas about and related to A Course In Miracles. ūüôā

How Does One Find The Happy Dream?

Finding the happy dream is important. A Course In Miracles distinguishes between “the happy dream” and everything else. If one is not living a happy dream, then one might be living in a boring dream or a nightmare. This is not God’s will! God gives us the freewill to create or be in illusions. God also gives us the freewill to leave boring dreams and nightmares. If one is in a nightmare, it is not necessarily their fault, but ACIM might teach that one should do what they can to create and be in a happy dream instead of a boring dream or nightmare. A Course In Miracles would say that it is God’s will that everyone exist inside a happy dream, inside of Heaven.

Is Everyone Granted Unlimited Time? 

On one hand, A Course In Miracles labels time as an illusion and as nothing. So if time is finite perhaps it is real. However, if time lasts forever, then perhaps it simply ceases to become relevant. If someone has eternal life, then perhaps time is irrelevant to them. If death is an illusion, and one cannot die, then perhaps this is the key to why time can be called an illusion. Time is real in the sense we will always perceive change, however, it is not real, in the sense that the word time is simply a metaphor for the change. Ask yourself that. Will you?

A Course In Miracles Says That We Are In Heaven Now

Are we in Heaven now? What should humans do? How should humans act? What is the will of God? Is peace available to everyone? This is a book that was scribed for Jesus.It can be bought on Amazon for under 5 dollars, for a digital copy. The book says and implies that Heaven is now, and that this Universe is Heaven.

A Course In Miracles Is A High Level Teaching

ACIM is a high level teaching. If Jesus is both fully God and fully human, and if ACIM is the words of Jesus, then ACIM is the words of God. God is great. God’s will for everyone is perfect happiness. Everyone asks too little of God, perhaps.¬†Following A Course In Miracles can bring one elation because it is such a high level teaching.

What Should You Do? 

A Course In Miracles asks the questions about what one should do. The answer is fairly simple. You should do what you were sent to do, you should do what you enjoy, you should do what you feel like The Holy Spirit and God would have you do.

Perhaps God wants you to be a billionaire. Perhaps God wants you to perform miracles. Perhaps God wants you to raise the dead. Maybe God would have you travel to other planets. Perhaps God would have you feed the homeless or cure diseases.

What ever you do, it is God’s will that you experience perfect happiness and joy. So, no matter what you are doing, you should be experiencing perfect happiness and joy while you are doing it. ūüôā

Hopefully, these thoughts and ideas about ACIM will be useful for some or all humans.