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Beautiful Ideas From A Course In Miracles

Here are some beautiful ideas from the wonderful book A Course In Miracles. No one has to do anything. There is nothing that anyone must do. A Course In Miracles indicates that everyone needs to do nothing. ACIM does not say that everyone should or must do nothing, but simply that everyone needs to do nothing. So, perhaps The Holy Spirit will call someone to do something, but it is still not a requirement it seems. A Course In Miracles is a beautiful book with a beautiful and miraculous message.

Heaven is grand. Heaven is great. Nature in Heaven is great. This Earth in Heaven is great! Many of the women in Heaven are wonderful. Laughter in Heaven is great. The joy that God wills for all humans is nice. God’s gifts are bountiful. ACIM gives beautiful descriptions of the Heaven that humans are in. God grants humans unlimited time in Heaven. There is no rush in Heaven. There is nothing that one must do in Heaven, but there are many things that humans can do in Heaven.

Always listen to The Holy Spirit. One should always listen to The Holy Spirit, and always let The Holy Spirit guide one’s thoughts and actions. If one listens to The Holy Spirit, then one can go wrong. A Course In Miracles seems to indicate that The Holy Spirit will guide all and take care of all things. The Holy Spirit is grand, caring, kind, generous, and smart. The Holy Spirit knows what is needed, and will provide for all needs.

Always live The Happy Dream. It is most sensible to always live The Happy Dream. The Happy Dream is the best dream. It makes no sense to live anything other than The Happy Dream. Dream big, dream happy thoughts, live a happy life that is full of joy and elation. Elation is key in The Happy Dream it seems.

A Course In Miracles seems to indicate that a happy dream is everyone’s right and everyone’s inheritance. God is all good, all powerful, all knowing, and present everywhere. There is nothing that God and The Holy Spirit cannot do. Hopefully these ideas from ACIM will be useful and enjoyable for humans to read.