Bird's eye view on the open waters of planet earth

Heaven Is Perfect and Wonderful

Heaven is perfect and wonderful. According to A Course In Miracles fear is not real and anything other than perfect peace and happiness are ultimately illusions. There is nothing that one must worry about in Heaven. Heaven is such a beautiful place. In Heaven, there is perfect peace. The Holy Spirit is good. God wants all humans to be perfectly happy. God is good! There is nothing that one must do. One does not have to worry about what to do or what to say. A Course In Miracles is a beautiful book. God is so good!

There is no death in Heaven. Heaven is perfect and wonderful. A Course In Miracles indicates that humans are already in Heaven. This is indicated in Section 24 of The Manual for Teachers. Yet, there seems to be death on Earth.  Therefore, it seems that if A Course In Miracles (ACIM) is true, then death must not exist on Earth. Does death seem to exist on Earth? Perhaps humans simply go somewhere else when they die.

If the Earth is already in Heaven, and humans go to Heaven when they supposedly die, then perhaps when they supposedly die, they simply go to somewhere else in The Universe, which is already one with Heaven, according to ACIM. This is perhaps one way to reconcile potential discrepancies related to ACIM, Heaven and Christianity.

A Course In Miracles is a good book. There is nothing that anyone must do. Miracles can be good. God is good. The Holy Spirit is good! Infinite patience can produce immediate effects. Humans are all in Heaven now. Most humans simply do not realize that they are already in Heaven. This is perhaps unfortunate. All humans will perhaps experience Heaven, and the peace of God, eventually.

It can be hard to see that one is in Heaven when one seems to be consistently confronted with illusions that would indicate otherwise. Spirit is in a state of grace forever. Heaven is quite good, it seems. Hopefully all humans will experience the reality of Heaven sooner rather than later.