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A Course In Miracles Implies That Time Does Not Matter

A Course In Miracles (ACIM) may imply that time does not matter. ACIM implies that time is infinite it seems. Time does not matter. Humans have unlimited time. ACIM seems to imply many ideas, and this seems to be one of them.

It seems that God might simply obliterate humans who will diminish Heaven and will never stop. It seems that God would not send anyone to any place to suffer for eternity. God knows the hearts and minds of all humans. God will know if a human will not stop attempting to diminish Heaven. If God determines that a human will never cease attempting to diminish Heaven then it seems that God would stop them from continuing to try to diminish Heaven. It is possible that all humans will eventually stop attempting to diminish Heaven. It is also possible that Heaven cannot be diminished. That might be best it seems.

God is all powerful. God can manifest in human form. God can manifest in a trillion human forms all at once. He can percieve himself as human and as a sole individual. God could also percieve himself as one with all humans. God is all powerful so all of this would be simple and like nothing for him.

The Holy Spirit perhaps whispers that time does not matter. The Holy Spirit can perhaps be like a magnet or water slide. He can perhaps give off an attraction and quiet magnetism like a magnet. He can be like a water fall, in that if one follows The Holy Spirit’s path, once one one is on the path, one will flow joyfully into a calm pool of serene comfortable water, metaphorically speaking.

So time does not matter it seems. Humans contributing to Heaven and co-creation will never cease to exist it seems and they have all the time in eternity to experience elation, joy, and bliss with one another. That is a good idea to think about perhaps. ACIM is a wonderful book, and perhaps this Earth would be a more joyous location in The Universe if more individuals read the book. A Course In Miracles seems to imply all of this it seems, and that is a wonderful thing.