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A Course In Miracles Does Not Condemn

A Course In Miracles (ACIM) does not condemn. It indicates that Hell does not exist, except in illusions. It is a book that indicates that only creations of light are real. ACIM seems to indicate that everyone will go to Heaven or is already in Heaven. Everything is an idea, and Heaven, perfect happiness and forgiveness are wonderful ideas. Hopefully all humans on Earth will embrace spiritual principles and ideas that do not condemn others.

Hell does not exist, most likely, it seems. At least, God would not let anyone stay in Hell for eternity. God will not send anyone to Hell for eternity. God might simply obliterate someone for all of time, perhaps, but God will most likely not just let someone suffer or let anyone cause suffering on others for the whole of time. That seems like common sense, especially if one believes that God is all good and infinitely kind.

God is all powerful. He can create Hell or entirely prevent it from existing. That is the nature of being all powerful. That ACIM does not condemn helps the books to be all the more beautiful. ACIM contains a great deal of information about forgiveness and peace. Hopefully more individuals will embrace spiritual and theological beliefs that promote peace, prosperity, abundance, forgiveness, serenity and harmony.

Being all good and all kind, it seems quite logical that God does not want anyone to go to or be in Hell. God has the power to help all humans enter Heaven. That is the nature of infinite power and limitless goodness, it seems. Hopefully all humans will seek Heaven and attempt to help create Heaven on Earth.

Hopefully all humans on Earth will embrace spiritual principles that do not condemn, harm or damage others. God does not want any human to suffer in Hell. God wants to see all humans experience perfect happiness in Heaven, it seems. God does not want anyone to be in Hell, it seems. ACIM does not condemn, and that helps the books to be so wonderful and sublime.