Could ACIM students do more to alleviate poverty and suffering?

Should A Course in Miracles students do more to help alleviate poverty and suffering on Earth? I will start by noting that A Course in Miracles does state that we “need do nothing”. However, A Course Miracles does not state that we “should do nothing” nor that we “must do nothing”. It seems like one popular interpretation of A Course Miracles is that everything is an illusion, that this reality is all just a dream. There may be some truth to that on a certain level.

Yet in many American cities, all around Earth there is poverty, homelessness, food insecurity, so on and so forth. If you think this does not matter because this reality is all just an illusion, then if you’re living in relative comfort, then maybe stop going to work, stop paying your mortgage or rent, stop buying food, stop paying your water bill if you have one, stop paying the energy bill that pays for your heating and cooling, and then see how comfortable this dream is for you. See how comfortable this illusion is. I am being somewhat facetious.

There are many traditional Christian organizations that engages in charitable work, like increasing access to affordable housing, having food pantries, offering services that help houseless individuals to secure various forms of housing, running soup kitchens, so on and so forth. Do we want to live in a society that is compassionate and caring and generous? That is thoughtful? That is considerate? Do want to be live in a culture that is a reflection of the love of God?

Even if this reality is just a dream, do we want to live the happy dream? Do we want to help other humans on Earth to live the happy dream? And yes, we need do nothing. But again, A Course of Miracles does not say that we should do nothing, nor that we have to do nothing. Could many A Course In Miracles students do more to help all human on Earth to live lives that are effectively happy dreams?

I have studied A Course In Miracles for over 15 years. I am not saying that you have to do anything. Does where you live have heating and air conditioning? Do you have access to a kitchen and a clothes washer and clothes dryer? There are enough resources on Earth that all humans can live the happy dream. We can all live lies abundance, at least in theory. So what more could A Course In Miracle students do, so we can help all humans to live lives that are a sort of happy dream?